Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Truth Hurts...

One of my good friends who is a liberal, asked me if I was going to buy into the Sarah Palin pick and spread the word. He told me that my future relationship with him depended on my response.

I replied to him with this question…”Who has more executive experience, Barak or Sarah?”

His response “That is what Hannity says so I knew you would follow suit. Wouldn't that also give her more experience than the top of your ticket?”

He then said that due to my response (one sentence), “ We are done…”

I tell you that so I can share with you my response to him…


You did not answer the question. Who has more executive experience, Barak or Sarah?

It hurts to answer, doesn't it? It is very hard to answer this question for you. The truth of this question hurts you.

Sarah might just be the female version of Clarence Thomas.

The liberals hate her because she is a successful, self made, hard working woman who became governor of a state without the need to play the victim or the need for help from a feminist organization.

She did it on her own and that scares the hell out of the democrats. She really shows that a woman can be somebody.

And the best part is, she reminds most Americans in battleground stats of their mom, sister, friend or themselves. She relates to real Americans. She is not an iconic ideal. She is not full of hope. She is the answer to hope...she is action. She is all about taking responsibility for the course of one's life and doing something with it. She is not waiting around hoping for someone to do it for her. She is doing it.

And this scares the democrats so....

If the American people realize they don't need someone doing everything for them to succeed, they just might learn how to succeed on their own. And if that happens, the democrats are going to be hoping they survive as a party....

Oh and by the way, Palin is a working mother of five, her husband works on an oil rig and is a champion snowmobile racer, and she loves to fish and hunt.

Plus she can field dress a moose. (Nod to Fred Thompson)

And she's just our VP nominee. She really fits as a VP candidate. (Obama might have fared better as a VP candidate)

Our Presidential nominee stacks up pretty well too..

I think we can agree to disagree on the issue of Palin. I think Barak has a good shot of becoming president. But the coronation is on hold now since Palin, like her or not, has electrified the base, exposed the media bias toward Obama, and has put the election into a true race.

Can't we all just get along?

We will see what my friend says.


the truth said...

WHy didn't you answer your friend about the top of the Republican ticket?

the truth said...

Did you see this?

the truth said...

Does the MSNBC clip count as the "media" picking on Palin even if it is Republicans doing the bashing? I am sure this was a sabatoge by the liberal media to somehow distort what the conservative base really thinks, right? Off the record quotes shouldn't count because the true thoughts of a person might actually be revealed instead of the typical conservative retoric....right?

the truth said...

ooops, I mean "sabotage" and "rhetoric".

LiveWire said...

Not only that, she sold the State's unneeded corporate jet on e-bay..for a profit!

And she's hot...

Just like Mcain's second wife.. and his first wife --before her accident.

Also, they dress well. Cindy had on a $60,000 outfit. Now, that just shows how much they respect the American people, putting on only their best duds.

The libs don't know what is about to hit them.

the truth said...

Actually, she didn't even sell the plane on ebay (although that is what McCain is saying)...she tried, but it didn't sell. One of the congressmen sold it for $600,000 less than it was worth. Is that kind of like tax breaks when you are already in the hole?