Friday, January 29, 2010

It's time to renew.

Only a fool can sit back and let things happen like they have been without stepping up. I will now step up. OBAMA must be stopped. Its time to take our ideas and offer them to America and et them choose...him or us.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Truth Hurts...

One of my good friends who is a liberal, asked me if I was going to buy into the Sarah Palin pick and spread the word. He told me that my future relationship with him depended on my response.

I replied to him with this question…”Who has more executive experience, Barak or Sarah?”

His response “That is what Hannity says so I knew you would follow suit. Wouldn't that also give her more experience than the top of your ticket?”

He then said that due to my response (one sentence), “ We are done…”

I tell you that so I can share with you my response to him…


You did not answer the question. Who has more executive experience, Barak or Sarah?

It hurts to answer, doesn't it? It is very hard to answer this question for you. The truth of this question hurts you.

Sarah might just be the female version of Clarence Thomas.

The liberals hate her because she is a successful, self made, hard working woman who became governor of a state without the need to play the victim or the need for help from a feminist organization.

She did it on her own and that scares the hell out of the democrats. She really shows that a woman can be somebody.

And the best part is, she reminds most Americans in battleground stats of their mom, sister, friend or themselves. She relates to real Americans. She is not an iconic ideal. She is not full of hope. She is the answer to hope...she is action. She is all about taking responsibility for the course of one's life and doing something with it. She is not waiting around hoping for someone to do it for her. She is doing it.

And this scares the democrats so....

If the American people realize they don't need someone doing everything for them to succeed, they just might learn how to succeed on their own. And if that happens, the democrats are going to be hoping they survive as a party....

Oh and by the way, Palin is a working mother of five, her husband works on an oil rig and is a champion snowmobile racer, and she loves to fish and hunt.

Plus she can field dress a moose. (Nod to Fred Thompson)

And she's just our VP nominee. She really fits as a VP candidate. (Obama might have fared better as a VP candidate)

Our Presidential nominee stacks up pretty well too..

I think we can agree to disagree on the issue of Palin. I think Barak has a good shot of becoming president. But the coronation is on hold now since Palin, like her or not, has electrified the base, exposed the media bias toward Obama, and has put the election into a true race.

Can't we all just get along?

We will see what my friend says.

Monday, September 1, 2008

McCain/Palin 08

Well a lot has changed since February.

Hillary has been defeated by the Messiah and McCain has won the nomination.

I said I would not vot e for him unless Fred was on the ticket.

Well....Now Palin is on the ticket. And she is worth voting for. She was #2 on my dream VP list behind Jindal. And now McCain is currently expousing Reagan ideals and policies.

I have no choice but to support the conservative canidate. I will do everything in my power to get McCain/Palin elected. Especially since I want to see a Palin vs. Hillary in 2012.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Heaven forbid that John McCain is the nominee. Just a short list of problems.

Amnesty for Illegals
Gang of 14
He was almost John Kerry's VP
Gun Control
He says Alito is too conservative
He has deomcrats who he calls frineds, (Just Kidding, that's not illegal ....yet)
He likes Hillary

And on and on and on...

He would have to make Fred his VP for me to consider voting for him.

He is better that an democrat though.

What now?

Fred is now out of the race, sort of. He was done in by the media, the fact that Romney, Huck and Guliani split the conservative vote and by the fact that he would't play the election game.

He now must wait for either a brokered convention, which he would be the only logical choice at convention to be the nominee or hope that whoever gets the nod is smart enough to bring him in as VP.

I did my part, I got a chance to vote for him. We should all be ashamed that the republican party did not nominate this man...although we may still have our chance.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hillary Clinton is Strong with the Dark Side

Clinton down 14 points to Obama going into NH. Obama coming off a tremendous victory in Iowa. People calling him a phenomenon. Barak had it locked up. Or did he.

I think that the huge discrepancy between the 8 polls from before the election, the exit poll and what ended up happening should give us all pause. The MSM was already writing the Clintons’ political obituary. Who would have said that would happen ever, considering the MSM love for all things Clinton?

No one. Nobody saw it coming. But I think you can make a credible case that someone created and manipulated this situation. I think you can make a case for two people actually. Bill and Hillary.

That’s right. This situation sure does have a tough time passing the smell test. The MSM were beating her down, she was tearing up, she needed to avoid the Obama Trap, her inevitability was gone, she was up against big momentum and she still won. It is a pretty big story to build on. Could it be the new centerpiece of her campaign? “I beat Obama, the phenomena…. Nothing can stop us…”

Yes. I think that it could part of a set of potential plans all along. Lets think about this for a minute. Note that you have to assume that Bill and Hillary are as crafty and in control of the MSM as we think they are. Come along with me into the Democratic Machine as controlled by King Bill and Queen Hillary. Just play along; it will at least be plausible and entertaining.

Clinton knew she was going to need a personality to help her with her lack of energy. She also needed a firewall to protect her from the new left wing Move on-ers, who could have taken over the party from her. She and Bill brought Obama into the ‘club’ in 2004 at the convention. You do not get that much MSM attention without the Clinton nod with little or no experience. She and Bill put him into storage for use later.

Obama decided to run and see if his mojo would work and it did. He energized the youth of Iowa, (or had enough buses to bring in a lot of out of state supporters) to win. Hillary may have told him to run to get name recognition or as part of this plan but I doubt the latter) Hillary was in trouble. She went to Bill for help and he pulled his crafty tricks out and called for a meeting with Obama.

At this meeting between Iowa and NH he was given a lesson of why he won Iowa and why he would lose NH. Hill told Obama that she controls the MSM and all the polling is way wrong on purpose. The MSM was giving Obama skewed results to show him in the lead by a lot when it was either really tied or Hillary was ahead. Hillary probably showed him real numbers. She showed little Barak that she really runs the democratic machine and she was grooming him as a potential VP who could shore up here negatives and guarantee the WH in 08. How else could someone with no accomplishments or experience who is NOT a Clinton get this far without help?

If that didn’t get Obama to play ball, She then got the politics of personal destruction card out and slapped it on the table. Hannity alluded that the Clintons have really bad dirt (scandal) that will ruin Obama and are willing the use it. The dirt would stay sealed if Obama joined the team. A V.P. and then in 8 years he will be ready to go at POTUS. That’s when Hillary reached out her hand like Darth Vader and Said “ Join me and together we will rule the galaxy.” Will Obama pull a Skywalker and jump to freedom or will he join Hillary? Only time will tell. SC will give us our answer.

Now sure I am playing it out like a dark and sinister conspiracy of hundreds perhaps thousands of people involved with the only goal being to get Hillary elected, but hey, that’s democratic politics.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Which one of these ladies look like they have an agenda?

Look at this picture, courtesy of Joshua Lott for The New York Times. It is the Editorial board for the The Des Moines Register. Laura Hollingsworth, left, Carolyn Washburn and Carol Hunter. Which one has a agenda other than reporting. That's right. It's like playing monkey in the middle. We might as well put Mrs Washburn in a Hillary T-Shirt. At least the other two smiled, or tried to smile. I think this picture is all you need to know. How much do you want to make a bet that the two ladies in front answer to Washburn? How much do you want to bet that they endorse Hillary and Huckabee tonight? There is a chance they endorse Fred, but I bet they will endorse whoever Hillary thinks she can beat.
We will see,